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IDE’s All Weather Snowmaker

Never too warm for snowmaking

There is one item that no ski resort can survive without: SNOW. Existing snow-production solutions require below freezing air temperatures and depend on climatic conditions such as humidity and wind.

Our All Weather Snowmaker is capable of producing up to 1,720 m3 (60,741 ft3) snow per day of high quality environmentally friendly snow at all ambient temperatures. The All Weather Snowmaker is based on IDE’s proven Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) Technology, which has been operating worldwide for more than 20 years.


Key advantages include:


Snow Production at any Temperature

No matter the weather – our snow keeps going.


The only solution for ‘critical link’ slope coverage at early season 

When your slope ends before the lift and the temp is too high for conventional snowmaking.


High Quality Snow – and NOT Crushed Ice

Feels exactly the same as natural snow. The snow particles are smaller than 1.0 mm (0.04 inches) in diameter.


A Well-Proven Technology
The VIM is used for different applications for over 20 years.

Heavy Duty – High Capacity and Long Service Life

A VIM unit may serve for 20 years and more. One unit supplies up to 1,720 m3 snow per day.


Environmentally Friendly

VIM utilizes water as the refrigerant and is able to desalinate water as well.