All Weather Snow Making

If your business needs guaranteed snow, IDE’s Snowmaker2Go is the most flexible way to provide it.

With unique technology that achieves high snow capacity with efficient power consumption, Snowmaker2Go is ideal for almost any situation – critical links, receding glaciers, finishing zones, adventure and sport events, indoor skiing – in fact anywhere that snow is needed.
Snowmaker2Go is extremely flexible and its simple set up and operation make it a true plug & play solution.

It is based on IDE’s proven Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) Technology, which has been operating for more than 20 years worldwide.

Any temperature, any time – regardless of the weather, Snowmaker2Go makes snow, even in above zero temperatures.
Fully mobile – use it wherever you need it.
Plug & Play – just attach power and water and it’s ready.
High quality snow – our snow is acknowledged for its high quality.
Easy to use – no pre-qualifications required.


 Specification VIM100
 Cooling Capacity 100 TR / 352 KWR
 Snowmaking Volume 200 m3/day (7062 ft3/day)
 Designed Power Consumption 190kW
 Electrical supply 400 V/3Ph/50Hz (EU) 480 V/3Ph/60Hz (USA)
 Snow Grain Size 0.5 – 1.0 mm
 Snow Distribution 200 meters
 Size 2.5 Standard Containers

How It Works – The Snowmaking Process

Inside the VIM 100 Snow Generator, water is exposed to a deep vacuum. The vacuum forces a small portion of the water to evaporate, while other parts of remaining water freeze, forming a water-snow mixture (slurry). The mixture is pumped from the snow generator to a snow separator (snow gun) that divides the water from the snow crystals. To maintain the deep vacuum in the snow generator, the water vapor is deposited on cold plates inside the snow generator freezer vessel. The plates are frequently defrosted to maintain continuous heat rejection within the vessel.

Snow Generator

Two standard size containers (40ft. & 20ft.) housing the thermodynamic process and its main components: a freezer tank, agitator, vacuum pump and blower, cooling system, slurry pump, glycol system and control unit.

Snow Gun

Water concentrator pole separating water from ice and distributing high quality snow to the ground. The snow gun includes a snow blower for improved snow discharge.

Testimonials by ski industry professionals

02 Hans Pum, Chief Coach Austrian Ski Team:
“The snow quality and the opportunities for us are excellent.”
Dr.Hans Rubatscher, Manager of the Pitztal Glacier Resort:
“For the first time snow can be produced regardless of Temperature, Humidity & Wind”
Vidar Løfshus, Chief Coach, Norwegian National Cross Country Team:
” I am calm when it comes to the future of snow production with or without sub zero temperatures. I can see great potential together with IDE technologies”


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