National Coal Group, China

IDE selected by China National Coal Group for Mine Cooling

China Coal_Featured_sChina National Coal Group Corp. (ChinaCoal) selected IDE’s Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) 850 system for mine cooling in 2011. Shanghai Datun Energy Resources Co. Ltd., a ChinaCoal company, utilizes the highly efficient VIM system to cool a coal mine in Jiangsu. The VIM technology provides the most efficient icemaker in the industry, reducing the energy consumption by 50%, while increasing the capacity of the produced ice. Using latent heat, IDE’s VIM system creates ice that is easily transportable, making it particularly suitable for mine cooling.


Client: Shanghai Datun Energy Resources Co. Ltd
Site: Jiangsu, China
Project Type: Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) for Deep Mine Cooling
Technology: Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM)
Total Capacity: 3500 kWR (850 TonR)
Commission Date: August 2013


  • China Coal_1sSignificantly lower overhead compared to traditional water chilling solutions.
  • Ability to work at partial loads of 20-100%.
  • Large savings in mine shaft construction and pumping system due to lower flow requirements.

"Our VIM technology reduces energy consumption by 50% while increasing capacity of produced ice."

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