Pitztal, Austria

Saving a ski resort with fresh snow on demand

Ski resorts can cope with many things but they can’t cope with a lack of snow. 3,600 feet above the Pitz valley, 30 miles west of Innsbruck, sits the Pitztal Glacier. It’s probably the most famous disappearing glacier in Europe.

Pitztal has tried to ship in snow and even tried a giant blanket to prevent snow melting late in the season. But nothing can beat fresh snow, especially at the start of the season. So the success of IDE’s snowmaker2Go has transformed a resort.


Client: Pitztaler Gletscherbahn GesmBH & Co KG, Austria
Project Type: Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) for All Weather Snowmaking
Technology: Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM)
Total Capacity: 800 m³ snow/day (28,250 ft³/day)
Commission Date: 2009


  • Pitztal_3sIncreases revenues, especially at the start and end of a season, as it reduces slope closures and high snowmaking costs.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Energy efficient solution.
  • Works even in above zero temperatures and all weather conditions.
  • Supplements natural snowfall accumulation.
  • Helps the resort to offer ideal skiing and snow boarding conditions from autumn through to late spring.

Testimonials by ski industry professionals

02 Hans Pum, Chief Coach Austrian Ski Team:
“The snow quality and the opportunities for us are excellent.”
Dr.Hans Rubatscher, Manager of the Pitztal Glacier Resort:
“For the first time snow can be produced regardless of Temperature, Humidity & Wind”
Vidar Løfshus, Chief Coach, Norwegian National Cross Country Team:
” I am calm when it comes to the future of snow production with or without sub zero temperatures. I can see great potential together with IDE technologies”


"This snow is as good as winter snow, even though it’s not winter. That’s remarkable."

Vidar Løfshus, Chief Coach Norwegian national cross-country team

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