District Heating

IDE’s Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) technology can be used to supply hot water for buildings and for District Heating, using a natural body of water (such as the sea, a lake, or river) as the heat source.

In these heating applications, the water vapor’s condensation heat, at around 10°C (50°F), is further increased by a standard heat pump (a conventional chiller), thus heating water to the desired temperature ranging from 40°C to 70°C (104°F to 158°F).

09This heat pump, where driven by a gas turbine, achieves very high fuel utilization ratios – up to 220%. With such high efficiency, the VIM uses less than half of the natural gas required by gas-fired boilers in producing the same heating capacity.
For these heating applications, an ice slurry is generated in the VIM freezer and discharged back to the water source.

Benefits of IDE’s Direct Heating System

  • A well-proven technology – IDE’s VIM technology has long been used for District Heating by the town of Augustenborg, Denmark.
  • Very high energy efficiency.
  • Low operation & maintenance costs – gas turbine-driven installations provide fuel utilization rates up to 220%.
  • An optimal solution when near large cold water sources – IDE’s VIM utilizes the heat within any cold water source near 0°C (32°F) to efficiently produce hot water, during all ambient air temperatures.
  • Environmentally friendly – IDE’s VIM employs water as its primary refrigerant.


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