Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

05Thermal Energy Storage allows the collection and storage of energy during low cost times of the day and gives immediate access to this energy in peak periods when energy would normally be more expensive. This reduces significantly energy costs for municipalities, industry and other energy customers.

IDE’s Vacuum Ice Maker (VIM) enables the utilization of the latent heat of ice by creating and storing ice slurry that allows reduction of the TES tank volume. It also enables rapid discharge to address growing load demand.

The VIM is based on IDE’s proven technology, which has been operating worldwide for more than 20 years.

Benefits of IDE’s TES system

  • Low energy consumption – less than 1 kW/tonR
  • A simple and low cost storage tank
  • A well-proven technology – VIM has been serving the refrigeration and mining industries since the mid-1990s
  • Utilization of the latent heat of ice and
reduction of TES tank volume
  • Production of pumpable and non-coagulative ice slurry
  • Very rapid discharge capabilities which maximizes flexibility for energy cost savings
  • 5 MW refrigeration per unit
  • Environmentally friendly; employs water as primary refrigerant

How It Works – Thermal Energy Storage and the VIM

06Inside the VIM freezer, water is exposed to a deep vacuum. The vacuum forces a small part of the water to evaporate while the other part of the remaining water freezes, forming a water-ice mixture.

The mixture is circulated between the VIM and TES tank during the charge cycle until ice concentration reaches 50%.

In order to maintain the deep vacuum
in the freezer, the water vapor is continuously evacuated from the freezer, compressed and fed into the condenser by IDE’s unique centrifugal compressor. Condensing the vapor requires cooling water at 5°C, which is supplied in a closed loop circuit by a standard water chiller.

During the TES discharge cycle, chilled water at 0°C from the bottom of the TES tank is circulated through the heat exchanger in order to meet the required cooling load demand.

 Specifications VIM 400 (Ice) VIM 850 (Ice)
 Cooling Capacity 1.750 kW / 500tonR 3.500 kW / 1000tonR
 Electrical Supply 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase or 480V / 60HZ 3 Phase
 Specific Power per tonR (1) 0.44 kW/tonR 0.38 kW/tonR
 Freezer Type Direct Contact Evaporator Chamber
 Condenser Type Direct Contact
 Refrigerant Type Water
 TES Tank Type Standard Empty Tank without Internals
 Max. Ice Concentration in the TES Tank 50%
 Ice Grain Size 0.5-1.0 mm 0.02-0.04 inch

1) The declared power consumption refers to the VIM unit only and does not include the supporting cooling system (Chiller, cooling tower and its circulation pump).


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